I’m SO right about Renard!!! YES!!! Loving this! I know, I’m such a shameless hexenbiest… *evil grin*

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[ew_image url="" credit="Michael Muller/NBC" align="left"]Tonight’s episode of Grimm featured some answers about the mysterious Captain Renard that fans have long been waiting for. After just over one season of the show has aired, Renard’s motives and background are finally coming into sharper focus.

SPOILER ALERT! Don’t read on if you don’t want to find out what happens in episode 2 of Grimm’s second season.

EW chatted with Renard’s real-life alter ego, Sasha Roiz, about “The Kiss,” an episode that turned out to be very illuminating of the Portland Police captain.

On a phone call from Portland where the NBC series shoots, Roiz shared his reactions to the revelations about his character, teased what’s next with the potion Catherine gave him and confirmed just what was going on when Renard’s face morphed before his bathroom mirror.

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I’ve been blogging some fan stuff for a while but it’s gotten too disorganized so I want to focus more on just being a fangirl – hence the birth of “New Sci-Fi Fangirl”! I will be moving related posts from a previous blog over here so it’ll grow pretty quickly.

I have always loved science fiction, however, as an adult I’ve not been able to indulge in a lot of sci-fi television. Thanks in part to Netflix Instant Play I’m finally getting around to watching some the great shows I’ve missed. I’m also a big fan of horror and fantasy so there will be plenty of that as well.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have fun and enjoy and interact with my posts.

Why I #LoveToughGuyLove – #Renard on #Grimm

I would love to say that I’ve been holding off on this one because of waiting to find out more about our beloved, if still mysterious, Captain Sean Renard (played by the drop dead gorgeous Sasha Roiz). However, the truth is I’ve been super busy. But my kids are on my pc, so I’m using another to do a write up on our dear captain. ;)

Sean Renard

Photo Credit: NBC Grimm

What we know about the captain is that he’s mad gorgeous and goes shirtless… well, yes, but let me go back to substance… then we’ll drool later…. So, anyway, he seems to be always looking out for Nick. Nick has no clue that his boss is somehow connected to him and the Wesen. We (the fans) have no idea what the cap.’s intentions are… at all! One moment you think he’s going to be a good guy, then the next he’s doing something that makes you really question where he’s at on the scale. Perhaps that’s one of the things that keeps a shameless hexenbiest such as myself intrigued. (Yes, I’m a blutbitch and a shameless hexenbiest – my parents had a strange relationship… go figure… Um, just kidding of course, my folks aren’t Wesen, that I know of.) He’s polished and formal and fits right in with the upper ranks of society but in a flash will turn into a ass kicking machine without batting a gorgeous eye. (Speaking of his eyes, I think they are green though they appear to sometimes be blue and I’ve seen people on other fan sites claim they are brown. I have no idea what they are but being a green-eyed gal myself, I’m going with green!)

Grimm: Season 1 DVD (Widescreen)

We know he tried to have Adalind and others kill Aunt Marie but he’s constantly throwing reapers off Nick to protect him. I think I’m starting to understand why, but at risk of giving out spoilers, I digress. We know he’s some sort of royalty but what? At first I was thinking what NBC’s Grimm site says:

Sasha Roiz stars in NBC’s sophomore drama series “Grimm” as Captain Renard, Nick’s politically adept superior officer and a descendant of a powerful line of Grimm royalty.

So, if he’s a Grimm of some sort, what’s up with this picture?

Renard morphs

Renard morphs before purification – Please, Cap’n, woge again… It’s frakkin’ hawt! ;)

If he is indeed a Grimm of some sort, is this what Nick looks like when he is able to see Wesen woge (morph)? I’ve wondered that… like what is it about Nick that the Wesen see that they automatically know he’s a Grimm? Is this it? Also, hexenbiest are automatically loyal to royalty and Adalind and her mother, Catherine, are proof of that. But why? The Cap.’s woge is sort of reminds me of a hexenbiest morph because of the rotting look of the skin and the missing eye. Let’s not forget that Grimms seem to be able to easily resist the Coins of Zakynthos; however, our beloved captain came under their spell rather quickly, so what’s up with that?!? I may be way off on my train of thought here; just throwing ideas and theories around… If Nick needs a volunteer to “investigate” the cap.’s tongue to see if there is a mark there, I would be more than ready to step up to the plate! ;)

Renard shirtless

Capt. Renard comes under the spell of the coins, while us fangirls squeal with delight! :p

Some more that has been revealed is that (POSSIBLE SPOILERS if not caught up!) he has family in Europe and we have seen at least one brother so far; he is looking for something that Nick has. Nick has stumbled on this thing’s purpose as a map. Well so much for no spoilers but that’s my theory – that Renard is trying to be all nice like and get this map. But why be nice about it once he gets his hands on it? We shall see! As close as Nick thinks he is to his captain, things may get ugly quick if I’m right!

The key laid end over end makes a map

The key laid end over end makes a map

Things sort have already gotten ugly but Nick doesn’t know it yet. Not only did the captain try to have Nick’s aunt murdered, he laid a rather soft smackeroo on Juilette’s lips! Yup! The prince (after a painful, yet hawtly-shirtless, purification process) kissed Juilette (Nick’s fiance) to get her out of her coma – though Rosalee’s concoction was too late to stop her memory loss of Nick.

Renard's purification

Renard had to be purified by a potion in order to awaken Juliette with a kiss… gives new meaning to the phrase “Smokin’ Hot!”

So what is next? Will the now awake sleeping beauty begin to fall for the captain before she has a chance to remember Nick and their love?  When will the truth about the captain be revealed to Nick (and us) and how will Nick react? Will Nick ever find out about the situation with his aunt, his fiance, and his entire career?  We won’t know until that time comes!  I almost hate for it to come. As much as I want to know who/what the captain is, I also enjoy the mystery of it all… The captain is tall, extremely handsome and dark indeed! Just what every woman dreams of! But will this dream end up being a nightmare? Keep watching to find out!

Captain Renard

Sean Renard played by Sasha Roiz

An extra word on actor Sasha Roiz. I won’t go into a bio as that is readily available on other sites (Grimm, IMDB, Wikipedia and more). His hypnotizing eyes, incredible bod (6′ 4″ – wow!), and enormous presence on screen (and assume on stage as well) makes him an unforgettable person to watch perform. My first real time seeing him was on Grimm; however, it’s not even close to his first appearance in film and on television. I checked out his credits and noticed that Caprica, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica, was listed.

Please allow me to interject here, I’m a newcomer to a lot of great sci-fi shows. I’ve loved sci-fi all my life, along with horror and fantasy. But I don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to watching shows as they are released (being able to keep up with Grimm is a rare treat for me). I’m a wife and mother so entertainment takes a back shelf far more than I would like it to. After all, these shows offer us an escape, just as books do, and let us enjoy being someone, somewhere else for a little while.

So, back on topic, I’ve never seen BSG. I have been wanting to and, thanks to Netflix Instant Play, I’m able to start watching all the shows that I wanted to see but never could make the time for when they aired. So, upon seeing Sasha Roiz portraying Sam Adama on Caprica, I had to watch it.

Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama on Caprica

Sasha Roiz as Sam Adama on Caprica – Um… Yum!

Now, maybe I’m being partial here, since I’m already a Sasha fan going in but I truly think that Sam Adama is my favorite character out of the entire series. He wasn’t a main character like brother Joseph Adama; however, his part is so important to the series that it would not be complete without him. Sam is a mob enforcer with no remorse (seemingly) for his job. He’s an assassian as well and dons some pretty spectacular ink on a pretty spectacular bod when doing a ritual kill. But, all the “bad” stuff aside (bad is in the eye of the beholder and I do love a good bad guy!), Sam is the ONLY character in the entire series that remains loyal to his principles. In fact, the Guatrau (Tauron mob boss) even calls Daniel Graystone out as an ambitious man and a danger, all the while holding too much trust in Sam. Daniel and the Guatrau are both ambitious and the Guatrau missed that factoid. Ambitious men sell out their principles, just as Guatrau did by selling Cylons to the STO (a religious terrorist group) instead of sending them back to rebels fighting for survival against genocide back on their home planet of Tauron (which made Sam sway from that Guatrau and help place the new one, the former’s daughter). Graystone sold out many times, ending the lives of so many people, all just because he was trying to resurrect his dead daughter – he couldn’t grieve and instead caused the mourning of many other people lost. But Sam doesn’t do that. He remains true to himself, his beliefs, and all he holds dear. He never abandons his brother, no matter how irritating he is, because he loves him. He doesn’t keep secrets from him (and the Graystones are famous for keeping secrets from one another, negating whatever love they have for each other), he watches out for him, and helps him whenever he needs it, no questions asked. He even was the one to hold Willie (his nephew) as he bled out and died (from taking a bullet while saving Sam and Joseph). He had previously stepped in and become a bit of a surrogate father to Willie when his brother slipped into a depression over the death of his wife and daughter. He’s a loyal employee of the Ha’la’tha (Tauron mob), but will not turn his back on his people, either. Sam is forever being counted on by Joseph, by the Guatrau, by Daniel Graystone, and by his own husband. Yup, his husband. Caprica brought that element in and treated it like it was no big deal, like two men marrying (or multiple partners such as with the Willow family) is nothing unusual, as natural. And Sasha did a fabulous job portraying a bad ass that blew stereotypes out of the water!

Sasha Roiz's photo for the No H8 Campaign

Sasha Roiz’s photo for the NOH8 Campaign

Unfortunately, it would seem that Caprica has been cut short, like so many wonderful shows of actual substance. I saw some people on Netflix calling it a soap opera; however, a soap opera isn’t just a drama. It’s a pointless drama. Caprica isn’t pointless. It’s one of many shows that opens up humankind’s worst traits and shows how good intentions can bring about one’s own downfall, as well as showing how people of power and wealth can corrupt an entire system, causing suffering for everyone. There were a lot of loose ends left with the last episode of that series.

I would love to see a return of Caprica eventually but, for now, I’m enjoying Sasha’s role of Sean Renard on Grimm. Maybe if I can eek out some time I can dedicate some writing time to a fan fic for Sam Adama (oh the fun that would be). In the meantime, enjoy keeping up with him on his Twitter feed and show a little fan love for this exceptional man!


Photos linked to sources when possible. All images belong to Sasha Roiz, NBC Grimm or SyFy Caprica, and NOH8 where applicable. NO copyright infringement intended and all images are within fair use for purpose of reviewing the shows they come from.

Why I #LoveToughGuyLove – #Monroe on #Grimm

Boy, this morning I have Grimm on the brain! I’m definitely a Grimmster, but, more specifically I have Monroe on the brain. Yes, I’m a total Blutbitch (my own term for a Monroe fan, especially us ladies). Already chomping at the bit from doing a little On Demand marathon last night, this morning this came on the radio:

Something about this song now makes me want to don a red hoodie, pink running shoes and go for a jog, hoping that it will be Monroe stalking me (why does this scream “Flash mob!!!”?). So what is it about this particular Blutbad (the term in the show used for “werewolf”) that is driving fans into a frenzy? Let’s have a look, shall we? (and I so enjoy looking!)

Monroe Wieder BlutbadYes, it’s true that Eddie Monroe (played by talented actor, Silas Weir Mitchell) is a Blutbad, which may not fair too well for a woman looking to snag this wolf boy; however, he is specifically a Wieder Blutbad – meaning he’s reformed. He no longer hunts and kills and lives a very strict, if solitary, life as a clock maker. His rituals, which include playing cello, Pilates, a very specific diet plan and more, keep him on the straight and narrow. He even enjoys certain holiday rituals and turns him home into a veritable Chirstmas village over the holidays, with trains everywhere! But that doesn’t mean that Monroe is disconnected or boring. Far from it!

Monroe playing his celloMonroe, even if once before enjoying being a loner, is now very involved in the community – both human and creature alike. Several times, Monroe has stepped up to bat, sometimes at Nick’s urging and sometimes not, to help others out. This includes Nick and various creatures in the wonderful world of Grimm. A lost but talented violin player teen-mouse in Danse Macabre, helping a lost wild-child Blutbad in Let Your Hair Down, even protecting Nick’s infamous Grimm aunt, Marie! Now that is something Blutbaden DON’T do – protecting Grimms, whoever heard of such a thing! But Monroe does it. In fact, he had his butt kicked for doing it by a group of what I assume to be is reapers. They don’t like a creature helping a Grimm, even if that Grimm (Nick) is more about finding a balance rather than just killing every creature he comes across.

Monroe and AngelinaMonroe even has a romantic streak as seen in The Three Bad Wolves. While protecting Blutbad Hap, Monroe is confronted with Hap’s sister, his former flame, Angelina. She tempts the reformed werewolf and he can’t help but give chase, ending in a love making session that somehow included hunting and shredding a rabbit.

Monroe is kind, caring, loyal, understanding but still remains a total BAMF when needed (like say when ripping an arm off after going Blutbad on an assassin to protect Nick’s aunt, Marie). Or after refusing to back down after taking a beating for helping Nick he states he will not give in to his attackers demands. Nick has even trusted Monroe with his aunt’s trailer, a Grimm stronghold. That say a LOT about how much faith Nick has in Monroe, and us blutbitches feel it, too. We’ve seen just about every side to Monroe but he continues to endear us fans to him more and more. Monroe is the only character thus far on Grimm that has had constant character development with every episode. There is always something more learn about him and he is by far the most interesting character on the show.

Don’t get me wrong, I have much love for Nick, Capt. Renard (both of whom may be future #LoveToughGuyLove entries), and the rest of the crew, but Monroe has succeeded in endearing fans to him rather quickly. We all look forward to seeing Monroe’s story progress, along with everyone else in the show. I’m NOT looking forward to the end of the season and am really hoping that Season 2 has been greenlit already!

Extra tidbit:  Blut, bad and baden are all German terms. Literally translated, “blut” is “blood”, “bad” is… well… “bad” and “baden” is “bath”. So “Blutbad” is “Bad blood” and the plural “Blutbaden” is “Blood bath”. How cool is that?

March 3, 2012 – CORRECTION: A fellow artist on Facebook that is German corrected me on the blutbad/butbaden translations… here’s what she said:

Just to slightly correct: Blutbad means bloodbath. Blutbaden is not a german word, the show got that wrong. The closest you could get is “in Blut baden” which would mean “bathing in blood”. The correct plural for “Blutbad” would actually be” Blutbäder”, blood baths. And it has nothing to do with bad blood. Don’t wanna nitpick or anything, just thought you might want to have your translations right in the description :) And I’m native german, so.

Why I #LoveToughGuyLove – Daryl Dixon #WalkingDead *SPOILERS* if not caught up

Why would anyone want to like, even love, a seemingly racist and violent redneck like Daryl Dixon? I walk through the basic ideas of Daryl from AMC’s popular show, The Walking Dead, to find out that there far more than stereotypes to Daryl Dixon.

Walking Dead poster

I admit first and foremost that I’m a newcomer to the wonderfully macabre world of The Walking Dead. Everyone was telling me to watch it on Netflix and get caught up before Season 2 began and I never got around to it, which is kind of shocking considering I am a horror movie and zombie flick fan, and that I’m a prepper and have real life interests in prepping and survivalism. At any rate, about halfway through the first half of the second season, I finally started watching the new episodes and was instantly hooked. A couple of things stood out right away even though I had no clue what the plot line was:

#1 Shane is a true asshole and I can’t wait for him to either be bitten by a zombie or, better yet, to become equated with one of Daryl’s arrows


#2 Daryl Dixon is someone that is easy to love

Daryl Dixon, The Walking DeadNow, I know a lot of folks see a dirty, racist redneck but I see so much more than that. Allow me to inject a personal opinion of people in general here, since this can be a touchy subject. I try to not limit who I’m friends with. Especially with the online crowds, I’m friends with people in just about every category that can be imaged. Various religions and faiths, walks, races, sexual preferences and political affiliations are just exterior labels that may describe some attributes of a person but it doesn’t get to their soul. I learn SO MUCH MORE when I talk with people that are not like me or hold all the same views and experiences that I do.

And that is the view that people really should be seeing Daryl with. All the racism is something he was raised with and I don’t think that is truly him. I believe as he meets people along this journey of the zombie apocalypse he will start to let go of that negative aspect. In a world where living humans are rare – all of them must be cherished… well, except for maybe Shane.

Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead, SurvivorDaryl is a survivor. He’s not afraid of facing facts in a world that no human being would want to face, especially in America where we are so far removed from the natural environment as. We are removed from our food sources, we are removed from nature and basic shelters, we are removed from each other. Daryl is not so far removed from any of these circumstances that he can’t handle it. He is someone that can eat and sleep well when times are at their most uncomfortable.

Daryl and Rick with a dead zombie, The Walking DeadSurvival in this type of situation, be it zombies, societal breakdown, food riots, natural disaster, pandemic, etc. is more than just skill. There is a mental aspect that most Americans are not prepared for. Daryl exhibits the ability to bury his humane side and do what needs to be done but, I will say the damage done by doing that is beginning to bubble to the surface. I think the necklace of zombie ears kind of proves that but at the same time, that act helped him survive when he was nearly dead. Hallucinations of his brother, Merle, who may or may not be dead, urged him to keep moving forward. You want to punch the hallucination but still, it was very effective. This hard psychological trip for Daryl I think is going to soften though. He’s been very protective of Carol and I think may be what keeps her from blowing her own brains out now that her daughter is a dead zombie. Carol’s needs will be what gives him meaning other than just surviving. He will want to live, not just survive and there is a distinct difference in the two.

This is Daryl’s theme and why I love him. Not only does he have the ability to survive psychically and mentally (provided he has someone to share with in friends and family, to remember his humanity) but he’s fiercely protective. We see this when he tries to save Merle in Atlanta and wraps up his hand to carry back with him but he’s also protective of the whole group. It may not seem like it, he’s got rough edges, but he is. Like when he threatened Jim, it was because Jim was bitten and would be turning into a zombie at any moment. When he threatens someone that isn’t a soon-to-be-zombie, it’s because he’s perceived them as a threat in another way.

Daryl and Carol, The Walking DeadDaryl is the man to get the job done when society breaks down. He’s someone that people should be clinging to and not shunning because he’s not politically correct. I’m betting he’s got that softer side and that Carol is going to bring that out in him. She needs him, but he also needs her.

Norman ReedusAs far as attraction, well, to say that actor Norman Reedus is a good looking guy is a huge understatement. Add to that, the screw-with-me-and-pay attitude that we here at Shiny Gear love as well as the guns and crossbow and you’ve got a drool-worthy tough guy that we love to love. I must say that not seeing a shirtless Daryl at the CDC when everyone else was enjoying hot showers was a tad disappointing but he may have been choosing to get drunk and mourn all he’s lost in private than engage in such an activity. Hopefully the writers will remedy the shirt situation soon. ;)

Tonight ends the mid-season break and the new episode will be airing on AMC at 9 pm EST. I’ll definitely be tuning in… you should too! Maybe you’ll find that Daryl Dixon is a man that you will want to fall in love with as well.

Look for Twitter tags #WalkingDead, #DarylDixon, and #LoveToughGuyLove throughout the day today during the Season 2 marathon on AMC (starting in a few minutes) as well as when the new episode airs tonight. Till then, keep your crossbows close by and watch for those zombies, they are reaching further and further from the cities in search for food… that means YOU!

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#GoodByeChuck: My Conclusions after the Finale (Spoilers for those that haven’t seen it yet!)

Okay, so I’ve seen the Chuck forever finale. For those that haven’t – DO NOT READ THIS UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE FINALE!!! Big time spoilers!

So, some of you may remember that I wrote a blog with my predictions for the ending. Let’s see how they stood up to the finale. Let me say before continuing, on Twitter I saw some outright rage from a few fans about how it ended. They apparently didn’t feel fulfilled but please remember they had a very short time to wrap this up… Don’t blame the writers and other crew if you didn’t think it ended like it should have. I think with the time they had, even though most of season 5 felt rushed, they had to get things to a certain point and try to wrap it all up as nicely as possible. I think considering the circumstances, that they did fine.

There were some questions, however, and I’ll concede that.  Who knows, maybe there is a #ChuckMovie in the works but don’t bet on it. If you are truly that unhappy with it, start writing fan fiction – it does wonders for the soul! ;)

Chuck and Sarah:  I was off on this one. I must say I really thought I had this one right. I think what was disappointing the most was that Chuck became the Intersect again, and didn’t have to. He never really used the intersect to stop the bomb. He already knew what computer it was and (cheerfully) Sarah remembered how he stopped the first bomb with that same set up. So the Intersect’s final upload was essentially wasted instead of being used to give Sarah her memory back. Most of the show she didn’t feel any love for Chuck but hinted that she might be falling for him again at the very end as they were on the beach, with Chuck telling her stories of how they first met. It can be assumed that they will eventually fall back in love and have the happy life with the red door, white fence and kids playing in the yard.  I had hoped that she would fall back in love with him without him having the Intersect – proving that the nerd can get the girl without anything not natural to him helping along the way. Since Chuck is the intersect again, that blows that right out of the water. So, on prediction #1 – I was WRONG!

John Casey:  I was actually pretty on target about this one. Beckman recruits Casey for the mission to kill Quinn and demands the old Casey back. He tries but after a little mushy chat with Morgan, his love for Alex wins out and he’s more of a softy (but still bad ass) than a soldier. I wasn’t happy that he wasn’t as spot on target-wise but Chuck shooting the helicopter with Casey’s own gun sort of interfered with his aim (I nearly crapped myself thinking that the nasty rumor that someone – Casey especially – was going to bite the bullet and I thought that was the moment… yikes! Thankfully I was wrong!). I don’t understand the either-or mentality with writing Casey’s character out. He can still be the “Unleash the Casey” and the “Sugar Bear” all at once. It’s better if he is like that and not just a trained machine that never thinks for himself. But anyway, moving on, he did take off at the end of the finale to catch up with Verbanski. That made me happy that he was going but I would have loved to have seen them actually reunited. I think Gertrude’s facial expression at seeing Casey appear unannounced would have been absolute GOLD! But hey, that’s just me. So, on prediction #2 – I was RIGHT! m/ >.< m/

Morgan and Alex:  This wasn’t hard to predict. They are in love. And they both know it, unlike Chuck and Sarah, whose memory was erased. Just before Casey left to go after Verbanski, Morgan and Alex announced to him that they are moving in together, though Casey had already deduced that because he’s a spy, ya know… ;)  So, on prediction #3 – I was RIGHT!

Allow me to add in here that really, Morgan is the nerd winner in the “the nerd does get the girl” mantra because Morgan had to win her and Casey over and he did so by just being himself. There was no Intersect or spy training when he did all this. In fact, when he was a master spy with the Intersect, he was a dick. But not the real Morgan – the nerd. He won his girl over but just being him, so kudos to Morgan!

Jeffster:  I’ll say for now that this was pretty much a win for me on my prediction. They didn’t play the kind of role I thought they would but they did come to save the day just in the nick of time! They were also offered a record deal in Germany where they would be loved by women… and men… *giggles* I was right when saying that Jeffster would never die. So, on prediction #4 – I was RIGHT!

The Awesomes:  Well, I was right in that they would be fine, but I’m not entirely sure what is up with them. My husband is speculating that perhaps the CIA drew them to Chi-town because the interest letters they both got at the same time was just too coincidental. I was right about Mary Bartowski as well, since she arrived not only to finally help her children out but to be there for them and for baby Clara (Devon was too cute shielding the baby’s eyes from Mary’s gun). Overall, on prediction #5 – I was RIGHT!

The nasty rumor about one of the main characters dying, was just that – a nasty rumor. Thankfully, it didn’t happen though I was on edge when it came to Casey: the bomb when Sarah locked them in the Intersect room, Chuck shooting in the air not knowing Casey was hovering overhead in a helicopter, then the helicopter going down, him with Beckman and the bomb… ugh! It was very suspenseful and worrisome to a die hard John Casey fan such as myself. If you recall it, everyone was thinking that it would be Casey that would die. But he wasn’t, nor was any other of the main characters, thankfully!

So that was that. Overall, I was right in my predictions. There are, however, some lingering questions. My husband and I of course began talking about it as soon as the show was over. Aside from the Awesomes’ suspicious letters there is the fact that Jeffster never really said Yes or No to the German record exec, Mary is in town, Verbanski isn’t retired so will Casey join her team as well as her bed, and Chuck and Sarah’s ‘ending’ was more of a beginning… Those are some of the unanswered questions that sort of linger. But, like I said above, don’t count on it.

Oh! By the way, NBC Chuck’s Twitter suggesting using #GoodbyeChuck and we Chucksters got that and #NerdHerdForLife to trend as well as #GoodbyeBeard – yup! Joshua Gomez tweeted a pic of his beard, shaved! Yeowza!

goodbyebeard trends worldwidegoodbyechuck trendsIn conclusion, well done cast, crew and fans of Chuck! We will carry this show with us forever and are proud to have been a part of it.  Thank you…

Thank you Chuck!

Got any predictions for the outcome of #Chuck? (May have SPOILERS)

I don’t have any spoilers but talking about our predictions for the show might ruin for those that want a clean slate going into the Chuck finale this Friday. I chose to do it this way because trying to type my thoughts in 140 characters or less on Twitter DM’s would prove very frustrating if attempted (as I’ve done it with several private conversations and hate it).  Okay, so if you’d like to keep reading and even add in the comments section your own thoughts and predictions, please do!

Please keep in mind I’ve seen no spoilers! This is just my opinion and I could totally be off the mark on this…

Chuck and Sarah:  Chuck does NOT have the Intersect and Sarah’s memory has been erased (by Quinn, who should have been dead by now if S1 Casey were in play… just sayin’… #LetCaseBeCasey). It took a loooong time for Chuck and Sarah’s relationship to bloom and flourish and there was always this uncertainty that if Chuck didn’t have the intersect, would they have connected? I think this is how we find out… I think that Sarah will fall in love with Chuck all over again and this time, it will NOT be because of the Intersect. This will prove that the geek CAN get the girl without any special interferance from something such as the Intersect. I predict they will be fine and live happily ever after!

John Casey:  Ah! My beloved John Casey… I have not hid my disdain for some of the ways he was written this season and many Chucksters lament that S1 Casey (Season 1 Casey) seems to have disappeared but that we all want him back. First, there was a very promising romance started early on with Gertrude Verbanski (#Vasey or #Castrude, I love both those hashtags!) and then it was abruptly stopped. Then when it started again, not only was the disappointment of no Casey in a banana hammock (*swoon* *drool* *thud* at the mere thought of it!) but the romance was comical. Not how I had imagined but I’m not a successful television show writer, obviously, so I digressed. I couldn’t, however, remain silent after last Friday’s episode. Now, I realize there was a LOT of plot to get through in a very short time to get us to the point we needed to be at for the finale this Friday, but I was extremely disappointed in the fact Casey was a push over and a bad shot… I do, however, have faith that his character will be redeemed and we will see something more like S1 Casey. He’ll drop his man, be commanding, forceful, and assertive but still have that soft spot for his daughter, Alex (#LoveToughGuyLove!!!) and I would like to see a serious lead into a long term relationship with Verbanski but I know that’s not likely to happen.

Casey Verbanski HawtnessI would like to add that casting Carrie Anne Moss in that role was perfection… Her as Verbanski and Adam as Casey, it was brilliant and I loved it! I loved that combo more than I did Casey and Ilsa, though the wet-Casey-in-a-tux was jaw dropping and truly unforgettable! I love Carrie Anne Moss anyway but her physique and screen commandment matches Adam’s perfectly and the two just were a great fit on screen! I would die of absolute fangirl squeeedom if the two of them were ever paired up again on another project!

Morgan and AlexMorgan and Alex:I know they had a hiccup when Morgan dared text-dump her when the Intersect was turning his brain to mush but they have clearly come a long way in a short time since then. I think it’s clear: they are in love and will also live happily ever after. This also proves that the geek can get the girl without help from some obscure event and/or device.

Morgan with Sarah's little "sister"

The reason that Alex finally forgave Morgan (and why I feel they will be okay and Casey would be a granddad!)

JeffsterJeffster: Jeffster, I predict, will be better and stronger than ever. With Jeff having a clear head, it was debatable for a while if his and Lester’s friendship could endure and indeed it has! I would venture to say that their friendship is stronger now that Jeff has a clear head on his shoulders. It’s like the duo was suffering because there was no clear leadership. Sure Lester like to think he ruled the roost but really, with Jeff taking the lead, and doing so with clarity, they are better than ever! Jeffster will NEVER die!

The AwesomesThe Awesomes: I think I do recall one minor spoiler somewhere that Mary Bartowski will be making an appearance. I think that this will help bring Chuck and especially Ellie some long needed clousure. Ellie has really come into her own and proven herself a true Bartowski, picking up the spy game with ease and taking over a lot of what her father was or would have done. Some Chucksters hope for a spin off, maybe even titled The Awesomes, but this Chuckster isn’t so sure about that. At any rate, I think that Devon and Ellie and baby Clara will be fine in the end as well.


Now, regarding the long held rumor that one of the main characters will die… gawd I hope not! Chucksters have repeatedly said that if so, they hope it’s Casey just because he isn’t paired up with anyone… well, excuse me but why does no spouse suddenly equate expendable? He is in the process of making up for lost time with his daughter and, let’s face it, Casey would make the best grandfather in the world to Alex’s and Morgan’s youngsters…. My hope is that, like the shirtless Casey rumor, that it is just that – a rumor! I could see a side character biting the dust, like Mary (sorry, Linda!) but, seriously, killing off any of the characters I’ve featured in this blog entry today would be utterly devastating. I hope that they don’t end Chuck like that, and I don’t think they will… We shall see!

So, now that I’ve posted my 2 cents about it, how about you? What are your thoughts on my predictions and what are your predictions? Please post in the comments and do share! I would love to hear what y’all have to say… Thanks! :)

Hypothetical question for #Chucksters – #ChuckMovie?

Okay, so with the season and FINAL finale of Chuck airing in a two-hour special this Friday it’s not a surprise that Chucksters worldwide are whispering about “What if there was a Chuck movie?” In a Twitter conversation this morning with @ChristinaRuseva @MrCHUCKology @Gunthorn1138 @Marcusbabe the idea of a #Chuck movie arose when Gunthorn1138 posted this article: Death-defying ‘Chuck’ finally takes its final bow. In this article, I noticed Zachary Levi saying:

“I genuinely believe that our fan base, if given the opportunity to spend $5 on an hour-and-a-half Chuck movie to buy online and keep, I think they would,” he says. “That would be a really fun thing to do.”

So I began to wonder if there is anything to this and suggested that we get #ChuckMovie to trend (along with already planned hashtag #GoodbyeTeamBartowski). The more we chatted, the more we began to wonder if all the hubbub about it was real, like there is too much ‘talk’ about it for it to just be wishful thinking… Maybe we’re right, maybe not…

Then, MrCHUCKology says that perhaps a base price of $5.00 with any extra being donated to Operation Smile (any Chuckster knows this is Zachary Levi’s choice charity). We all agreed that it would be phenomenal! Actually, I think it would be great if there a number of charities chosen by the Team Bartowski actors and actresses (like Browncoats: Redemption did – a Firefly/Serenity fan based film that donated to five charities chosen by Joss Whedon and the actors of the the show and film including Adam Baldwin’s choice, the Marine Corp – Law Enforcement Foundation).

So, if Chucksters have been able to be such a driving force in keeping Chuck on air for five seasons, why would this not be possible (assuming the actors and actresses are available and able to do it)?  So let’s spend this week and Friday getting BOTH #GoodbyeTeamBartowski and #ChuckMovie to trend… It may not happen but we won’t know if we don’t put it out there, right?

Please add any input, suggestions, thought, ideas, questions, etc in the comments below… Let’s get talkin’! :) Thanks!

Anyone up for a Boston “Tee” Party? #TeeParty hosted by @TeeGazette

Here ye, here ye! All members of fandoms and all t-shirt enthusiats are formally invited to attend the grand ball… well, I’m sure not a ball but a great party instead!!! Good because one can’t wear a t-shirt to a ball anyway…



(Boston, MA) – (January 14, 2012) – The Tee Gazette will join local and national indie t-shirt brands, designers and artists of all walks of life at the first annual Boston Tee Party & Design/Artist Expo on Saturday, August 11th 2012 in Boston, MA.


“We are pleased to announce this great event here in Boston,” said Kelly Murphy, owner and operator of The Tee Gazette and her own indie t-shirt brand, saucewear, of Boston. “It is my pleasure to create a place for all of these companies and individuals to come together to showcase their work.”


Slated for this inaugural event will be two industry speakers who have not been named at this time and another speaker, Jonathan Kay ( who will discuss brand loyalty and scalable intimacy. Also confirmed are five national bands:


There will also be a 50/50 raffle and silent auction during the event. All proceeds will be donated directly to a local charity, Birthday Wishes ( Birthday wishes brings birthday parties to homeless children and is based out of Foxboro, MA.


Brands, designers and artists looking to purchase table space can do so by contacting Kelly Murphy at: or via this link:

I’ve donated so far, hope to do more… So, what are you waiting on? Get your party on!

tee gazette features reddesilets

#Chuck might finally #UnleashTheShirtlessCasey! #FrenchFriday

Okay, so for those that know me, my husband is sick. He has several chronic health diseases including heart disease despite his young age (currently 37, his first heart attack was when he was 31 years old. It required cath surgery and stent placement). Well, his heart is sick again. He’s had another cath surgery but the stent and his heart looks fine. He’s been home for the past two days, after being in the hospital for two days, but he keeps going tachycardic. Well, he was feeling better so we attempted dinner out tonight but after his salad, we had to ask for our meals to go so I could take him to urgent care. I came home with my kids to eat but I may miss Chuck tonight.

I’m passing along my #FrenchFriday picture now. While the ‘tradition’ is for Yvonne, the art I did (after taking one of my son’s kid’s menus because they were both completely immersed in playing Zelda on their DSiXL’s) is all about Adam tonight – it appears he will be shirtless tonight. FINALLY! After five seasons, John Casey will be in his skivvies!  And it’s all for my favorite of Casey’s love interests, Gretchen Verbanski. Love that woman! Her and Casey are soulmates… new romantic hashtag I vote for is #Vasey! ;)

The hint for the shirtless Casey was by TV Guide. Check out the video:

Now, here is my #FrenchFriday tribute complete with crayon and kid’s menu homage to Mr. Adam Baldwin! :)  Happy Chuckday everyone! <3

French Friday


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